• front and back gusset of package
  • left and right side gussets
Package Design – 3rd Place Winner – Tempo Plastics 2021

Created a coffee package following Tempo Plastics guidelines,
separated different textures and material types.

  • Goat Logo
  • Cafe Libra Logo wordmark
  • progress sketches
  • coffee cup mockups with both logos
  • coffee truck with logos
  • coffee bag with word mark logo
  • Mascot Design
  • moodboard
Cafe Libra Logo Design, Moodboard & Mascot Design

Created and redesigned previously created logos for coffee shop using Adobe Illustrator.
Created mascot using Procreate.

  • Moodboard
  • UI design of Application
  • Mockup of UI design
  • Mockup of web design
  • mockup of mobile web design
  • Mockup of canvas bag with logo and waves
UI Design for Online Gallery: Moodboard, Application, Desktop & Mobile Web

Designed and created “LArt” logo using Adobe Illustrator.
Designed moldboard using Adobe InDesign.
Design UI using Adobe XD.

Logo Design & Brand Guidelines

Designed moldboard and brand guidelines in Adobe InDesign.
Created and designed logos in Adobe Illustrator.

Isometric design of watercolour replacement box

Created an accurate watercolour package from “Winsor and Newton” with Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Image

Using a photograph of cherries, I recreated a vector image using the
gradient mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator.

three surfboards with different cephalopod illustrations

Illustrated three different yet related surfboards inspired by cephalopods using Procreate.

  • Moodboard
  • mockup of menu
  • logo design
Coffee Shop Identity & Menu Design

Designed and created identity for pretend coffee shop.
Designed menu and created menu items.
Designed and created logo.

  • two koi fish in with the word Pisces in Spanish
  • two koi fish with the word Pisces written in English
  • both koi fish with both in English and Spanish spelling for Piscis
Koi Fish Illustration

Illustrated two koi fish representing Pisces using Adobe Illustrator.
Designed two versions, one in Spanish and one in English.

  • ad design for spicy sauce with three bottles
  • photo of three spicy sauce bottles
  • label design for butcher berry sauce
  • Label design for murder melon sauce
  • Label design for killer kiwi sauce
Tropical Blaze Hot Sauce – Package and Ad design

Created Package labels for hot sauce brand using Adobe Illustrator, created packages in Adobe Dimensions, designed assets in Procreate and designed Ad in Adobe InDesign.

  • Female targeted condom package
  • male targeted condom package design
  • teenagers targeted condom package design
Condom Package Designs – 3 Different Target Audience

Designed 3 different condom packages according to the three different target audiences that were provided:
“Stimulust” – Women 40+ years
“Protex” – Men 40+ years
“Rabbitz” – Young adults

Poster created using typography inside shape
Typography Poster

Created and designed a poster inspired by the current events in Ukraine. Created and designed in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Moldboard for Italian wine
  • Logo and illustration of clown
  • Label design for red wine
  • Label design for white wine
  • Rose wine label design
  • Paper bag package design for whine bottle
Ridarella – Wine brand

Designed logo for Italian wine inspired by the Venice Carnival using Adobe Illustrator.
Designed three wine bottle labels for three different flavours and designed a package for
the wine bottles.

  • Moldboard for Alameda
  • Logo for Alameda
  • Pamphlet design for Alameda
Alameda – a place to stay

Designed logo and pamphlet for a resort in Northern Ontario. Colour palette inspired by nature and organic areas in Ontario.

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