Carolina's photo while holding mug

Carolina Lambert

Graphic Designer

Welcome to my online portfolio. I hope that this website gives you some insight of the work I am capable of doing and who I am and my style.
I am very passionate about my career, and art in general.
On my spare time I enjoy walks around nature and painting or drawing and illustrating.
I am bilingual, I speak and write both English and Spanish. I am part Latina, Colombian to be more specific, with French Canadian in the family as well.
As a very art inclined person, I am able to help you find a solution for your design problems. I strongly believe that when working with a client, we become a team and that is how we can achieve the BEST results. I have experience with both print and online and have photography knowledge. I am able to create unique illustrations both digitally and on paper and/or canvas with various types of media.

What I do:
  • Highly creative
  • Can work on multiple
    projects at once
  • Can work independently
    or as part of a team
  • Great time management skills
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